pauly d becomes bieber
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Ever wonder what would happen if Justin Bieber was in the same room as Pauly D from Jersey Shore? Would they be friends? Would they fist pump? Would Pauly D mistake him for Snooki? Or the unthinkable... could the power of the Biebs be enough to turn Pauly D himself into a Wannabieber? See it to belieb it (I could do this forever), because that is exactly what happened in this slightly confusing promo for Justin's new 3D movie Never Say Never.

    This, combined with ice storm/tornadoes in the midwest, can only mean one thing: 2012 is surely coming for us. The Academy Awards are soon and they better watch out! Because Pauly D has demonstrated yet another talented facet of his resume of expertise with his acting skills in this little skit. Bieber fever knows no limits, for even though this is clearly a joke, they got Pauly D to flatten his hair (again. See Halloween 2010). And then there is his outfit. Are purple skinny jeans really that much worse than Ed Hardy? Besides, Justin only wears purple hoodies, not pants. Justin is more Bieber than you will ever be! [Ed. Note: Someone else in the room might have Bieber fever.]

    Well, if this doesn't have you convinced to go see Justin Bieber's 3D movie "Never Say Never" on its February 11th release, I don't know what will. Enjoy the weirdness.

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