What 6 Olympic Snowboarders Listen To While Chasing Gold
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    On my Spotify account I have a playlist titled "hyphy". A collection of some of the West Coast's and Bay Area's greatest and most lit rappers of all time, it's my go-to playlist for getting my butt into gear and getting stuff done. Doing dishes? Check. Responding to emails? Check. Packing myself like a sardine into the J train on the way to work? Check. Clearly I live a very exciting life and require a playlist of equal impressiveness to serve as the soundtrack to my daily epicness.

    (what my life is like)

    Much like me, Olympic snowboarders live interesting and adrenaline-fueled lives. So I got to wondering, what kind of music does an Olympic snowboarder jam to in order to motivate themselves to throw their body down a mountain at breakneck speeds and dizzying heights? Shredding the halfpipe and taking on the slope-style/big air events obviously require nerves of steel and highly-refined skills, but what's that x-factor that really pumps Olympians up to conquer the mountain and competition? Fortunately we live in an age where these questions don't have to go unanswered thanks to Spotify and public playlists, and we've managed to uncover the tunes and soundtracks that America's finest snowboarders use to get focused and hyped in pursuit of gold and glory.

    1. Jake Pates

    Though he unfortunately didn't medal in the men's halfpipe event this year, 19 year old Jake Pates went into PyeongChang this year with big ambitions and a soundtrack to match. "GETMINE" is an appropriate title for an Olympian's playlist, and features some heavy-hitting rap tracks from the likes of Gucci Mane, A$AP Mob and Desiigner. The halfpipe event is go big or go home, and Pates' playlist is all high energy.

    2. Shaun White

    While White doesn't have his own Spotify account to pull from, he's spoken often about what music gets him pumped up for a big run, and it's quite an eclectic mix. Obviously there's two tracks from his girlfriend Sarah Barthel's band Phantogram, but it was his admission of listening to Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town" before crushing a run that really stands out. Is there anything more epic or stereotypically cool about cruising to victory to the licks of that song? Curiously missing is his own band Bad Things, but I think he's just too humble to get high on his own supply.

    3. Chase Josey

    Chase made his Olympic debut this year, and while he didn't medal, it certainly was an impressive premiere performance. Like White's, Josey's playlist is all over the play, but rap is the predominant genre of choice for the halfpipe rider, with a pretty even split between old-school heads like Lil' Troy, Geto Boys and RBL Posse and newer stars like Migos and Drake.

    4. Chloe Kim

    At only 17 years old Chloe Kim absolutely stole the show during the Women's Halfpipe event, taking home gold with an absurd level of style and skill. Besides taking the top prize in her field this year at the Olympics, she also takes home the gold for having the best taste in music amongst her peers, and her playlist "Breakfast" is simply unmatched. A sampling of the hottest names in rap right now, it's a textbook playlist for those looking to explore Soundcloud/mumble rap, and it's so cool to see someone with such notoriety giving respect to the likes of Lil Xan, Trippie Redd and Lil Skies.

    5. Maddie Mastro

    Maddie had a tough time this year in South Korea after crashing out of the halfpipe competition, but at 17 years old she's sure to be back even better than ever in the future. While she doesn't have any public playlists, after perusing her recently played tracks, she seems to enjoy a diverse range of sounds, but I like to imagine she has The Lumineers' "Ho Hey" playing at full volume while charging down the halfpipe.

    6. Chris Corning

    Unlike the rest of his peers on this list, Chris Corning participates in the big air events, combining finesse and bravado in one big, awesome "nope" from me. Corning is also the black sheep in that he eschews pop and rap for some good, old-fashioned heavy-f***ing metal. I mean to each their own, but if I'm trying to hype myself up before flying down a mountain, I'm going with Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera. Something about nearly killing yourself in the pursuit of glory just screams "metal".

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