BORNS Gives Us Sweet Dreams at Brooklyn Steel
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Angela Ramos

    Thursday February 15th, Valentine's Day might have been over but Brooklyn Steel still had the aura of love in the air. The crowd was filled with many who were dressed as if there was an after party at Studio 54. To kick off the night, Louisiana native Mikky Ekko brought his gratitude and soulful voice to an audience that wore their hearts on their sleeves. With an auspicious soft purple haze surrounding him, Ekko stayed connected with the crowd. He even found his way off stage and into the audience to perform the 2013 hit "Stay," made famous when he partnered with Rihanna.

    After a quick set turn around, the French-Canadian Charlotte Cardin found her way to the stage as the night's second performer. Charlotte's debut album, Main Girl, which was released this past fall under Atlantic Records, was no stranger to the crowd. The audience echoed back the string of love songs including "Dirty Dirty" and "Big Boy" as more people continued to pour into the single room venue. Charlotte's vocals were strong and sultry, with peaks of her french accent coming out in certain songs. Her music electrified the crowd and got them ready for the moment they were waiting for; Børns.

    charlotte cardin brooklyn steel

    Børns' powerhouse vocals were in full effect as he danced between his setlist, hitting every track featured on his latest album, Blue Madonna, dropped just last month. The backdrop cascaded over the stage with a velvet floral pattern, smoke filled the room, and the crowd clambered to the front of the stage. The night kicked off with "God Save Our Young Blood," a track that features the vocals from the queen herself, Lana Del Rey. It was gentle, powerful, and set the tone for a night full of dancing and an audience singing along as if they would've never had this moment again. Backed by a mostly female band, Børns drifted effortlessly between songs. Fans in the front row swooned as they attempted to hand bouquets of flowers and single roses to the singer. Towards the end of the set, Børns treated the audience to a radiant rendition of Madonna's "Holiday" in honor of the album's title itself. The room immediately transformed itself into a disco and Børns took the stage as if it was his own runway.

    borns brooklyn steel

    borns brooklyn steel

    After wrapping up the set with the final track of the record, "Bye-Bye Darling," Børns gave a 6-song encore. Accompanied by his tour companion Charlotte Cardin, it began with a gorgeous cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever." The duo's cover was one that even this long time Beatles fan could get behind. The encore continued with a handful of Børn's past hits, including "American Money", "Past Lives", and of course ending with the track that introduced most of us to Børns, his hit "Electric Love." Børns tour hits worldwide this spring, be sure to catch him playing an exclusive set at New York's Museum of Modern Art March 7th.

    borns brooklyn steel

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