Are Miike Snow On The Verge Of The Year's First Great Dance Pop Record
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Miike Snow's latest release, "The Heart of Me," from their upcoming record iii due for release on March 4, represents another small insight into the way in which this album will demonstrate Miike Snow's ability to alter their sound with growth and layered depth while still holding onto the elements of catchy simplicity that make them so memorable.

    The group has taken a turn for the more experimental and weird over the more ambient and quiet sound they once possessed. The song begins with a relatively older timbre consisting of piano, drums, and bass, but soon gets enveloped in a wild array of synths and super-processed and robotic vocals which seem to be a fun element that will be present on iii.

    While Singer Andrew Wyatt's voice may be a bit thin and soft, in many ways the subtle intricacies and often intangible lyrics add to the hazy, tough-to-pinpoint vibe which immerses the ear further into the subtleties and fullness of the wavy synths. Miike Snow has taken to evolving their sound without losing any of the dancey piano cadences, their upbeat vigor, and their fun edge which they use to create an airy mysticism in their sound.

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