Vinyl Collectors Unite to Change IKEA's Mind
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    While some will look at IKEA's Expedit bookshelves and see a grid of empty Hollywood Squares, others will see the perfect storage unit for their massive collections of vinyl records. After the Swedish furniture company recently announced they would be discontinuing this shelving series, German vinyl enthusiasts took to Facebook to express their disdain last month. The group they've created currently has over 13,000 supporters, and it continues to grow.

    IKEA revealed the Expedit's replacement, which will be called the Kallax.

    Kallax shelves are rumored to have much thinner sides, and do not offer a 5x5 model. Those who have the discontinued Expedit pieces lining their halls and walls will surely run into trouble matching with the new Kallax. The largest version of the Expedit can withstand the weight of 2,300 records. The weight capacity of the Kallax has not yet been confirmed.

    The video below was used by IKEA as a promo for the Expedit's vinyl storage usage just last year.

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