show recap: savoir adore at cake shop
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2010

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    The promising shoegaze folk-rock duo from New York put on an enchanting show last night in the shoulder-to-shoulder basement of Cake Shop on the Lower East Side. How timely; comparisons have been made to the dashing pop of Broken Social Scene, who just today released a track off their forthcoming record. Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, who met at NYU, have a record out called In The Wooded Forest, and the songs really come alive on stage.

    The band is local, so naturally the room had a familiar vibe to it (full of friends and loyal fans, not spillover from the other bands on the bill). The band seemed at ease after their month long residency, effortlessly gliding through the songs and chatting with the bubbling audience. They sounded great as well, excellent balance and tight harmonies, which isn't always a given in the often cramped Cake Shop basement. It usually sounds like garbage down there, no matter who you are. Great success!

    If you like Drew and Canning, give Muro and Hammer a chance. In The Wooded Forest is out now on Cantora Records. -joe

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