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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2010

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    We weren't going to fan the flames of the Die Antwoord internet explosion anymore but the South African rap group seems really intent on being the most insane thing ever. To add to the sprawling, psychotic hype of Die Antwoord, after the jump you'll find their 8-minute sex rap "Beat Boy".

    It's probably the furthest thing from SFW you can imagine.

    Apparently it's going to be used in some kind of film that Die Antwoord are trying to make and it's what's going to be played over the last scene. Yeah, we're not quite sure what to make of it either. All that's clear right now is that Die Antwoord are becoming something way weirder than anybody really expected. Also with "Beat Boy" they may be making the transition from weird novelty into something really unsettling. -Ryan Broderick

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    MP3: "Beat Boy" - $o$
    Die Antwoord's offical website

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