album review: lightspeed champion:: falling off the lavender bridge::: domino
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2008

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    For some, success goes down like sweet nectar, settling the anxious stomach of years of uncertainty and recharging both the malnourished body and soul. For others, however, the supposed happy times never taste as sweet. While certainly not apparent upon first listen, the life and times of Dev Hynes, former guitar twister for the short lived outfit Test Icicles, have apparently not sit so well. Sporting a rather dashing name in Lightspeed Champion, Hynes’ solo debut, Falling Off the Lavender Bridge (Domino) might play like the sonic shedding of his previous party punk ways that he so badly needed. But a closer plunge into the country kissed collection reveals a goofy getuped English kid plainly at odds with the world around him. KEEP READINGDavid Pitz

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