Double Serving: Passion Pit Teases 'Kindred'
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Passion Pit has been surprisingly quiet the past few years since the 2012 release of their stunning sophomore album Gossamer. The band has been relatively shy on new music, minus a remix here and there. Now, the band has announced the follow up, titled Kindred, expected out in April.

    Offering up two new singles for their thirsty fans, "Lifted Up (1985)" follows the Passion Pit formula of heavily processed background vocals, danceable synthesizers, and insanely catchy lyrics. While not exactly groundbreaking, the formula has already been mastered. The positive anthem screams, "1985 was a good year / The sky broke apart and you appeared /Dropped from the heavens, they call me a dreamer / I won't lie, I knew you would belong here," while the background vocals sound like fairies casting a spell of happiness on the listener.

    The follow up track "Where The Sky Hangs" switches up the staple sound Passion Pit is known for. In an almost BeeGees disco fashion, the rhythms of the song slow down and create a beautiful ballad to sway in a lovers arms rather than tear up the dance floor. With a focus on keyboards, the chorus beautifully sings "I get caught up in your heartstrings /Way up, where another sky hangs / I'll take all that I can get / Just don't make me go." The song weaves a love story fitting for the lovey dovey Passion Pit aesthetic..

    Check out the songs below and get ready for Kindred expected out in April on Columbia Records.

    "Lifted Up"

    "Where The Sky Hangs"

    Passion Pit - Live In Central Park

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