15 Moments From 'Style' That Belong In A Horror Movie
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    Taylor Swift just dropped the music video for the song "Style," off her 2014 top selling album 1989. While the Internet buzzed about how great she and co-star, British actor Dominic Sherwood looked, and how the video is supposedly about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, we couldn't help but notice how creepy some of the scenes were when taken out of context. We rounded up fifteen moments in "Style" that could pass for a horror film. It's hilariously creepy.

    1. In horror movies, the characters always exhibit poor judgement. Like, "Let's all split up in this haunted house!" Or, "Let's go investigate that scary noise!" In Taylor's case, it's "Let's walk into that spooky forest alone!"

    2. There's a lot of faces superimposed on each other in "Style," probably as a metaphor that Taylor and the love interest she's singing about are soul mates both experiencing a singular, undying love. That sounds sweet, but on screen, it's terrifying.

    3. And it continues:

    4. "Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights," Taylor sings in the opening lines of "Style." Hopefully we don't have to explain why driving without headlights is a bad idea. Luckily, in the music video, Sherwood does use them, resulting in this creepy scene:

    Yes, it is romantic when the love of your life drives to an empty field in the dark to take you for a ride, but this scene looks like Swift is being hunted down by some deranged stalker.

    5. While Sherwood takes a midnight drive to pick her up, Taylor's eyes appear in his rearview mirror.

    This is why you should always keep your car locked, and the moment in a horror movie when the audience wonders, "Why didn't he check the backseat before he got in?"

    6. Taylor Swift: She's always right behind you... always watching you.


    8. Be honest; in this scene, can you tell if Sherwood is about to give her a romantic, dimly-lit kiss, or a vampire bite?

    9. There's a lot of mirrors in "Style," and Taylor and Sherwood use the shards to reflect images of each other in front of their faces (remember all the superimposed faces from #2 and #3?) Once again, a sweet idea with an unsettling result.

    10. Notice how scared Sherwood looks in this shot.

    11. Sultry or terrifying? You be the judge. Aren't broken mirrors seven years of bad luck?

    12. Thunder and lightning: Key elements of any scary movie.

    13. Taylor Swift is not the pop star you know and love, she's really a creepy, butterfly-like creature.

    14. Or maybe she's part tree.

    15. Or, a ghost. That's what happens after you walk into a forest alone...

    Watch the video for "Style" below, and you'll see what we mean.

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