Does Phoenix's 'Entertainment' Live Up to the Hype?
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Today on BBC Radio 1, Phoenix set loose the first sounds of their mega-hyped fifth studio album, Bankrupt!, with the single "Entertainment."

    From the album art and this single's visual (above), it would appear as though the French group is channeling a vibe of a tropical holiday, and the supercharged Asian melody of "Entertainment" elicits similar sentimentality.

    But do we like it?...

    We're going to stand by a solid "meh." Sure, it's an upbeat and enjoyable new song, and we'd have trouble identifying any serious flaws, but as the first song we're hearing from such a highly anticipated album, it's not really cutting the mustard. They pumped us up with the album's announcement and threw fuel on the fire when they let us know Bankrupt! was recorded on the Michael Jackson's Thriller Harrison 4032 console, and "Entertainment" isn't satisfying our now insatiable cravings.

    Listen to "Entertainment" below, and let us know your thoughts.

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