new music video: the cars
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Their music assisted in the sonic revolution of the 80s, and finally, after a 24-year hiatus, The Cars have regrouped to complete their seventh album, Move Like This. Armed with synthesizers and the celestial voice of Ric Ocasek, they couldn't have chosen a more fitting era to arrive back on the scene. We're being exposed to countless, popular indie groups' experiments with computerized sound. The nerdy fellows who focally contributed in the studio are once again manning the knobs and switches beside frontmen and guitarists.

    Ocasek and crew have released a music video to accompany the track "Blue Tip", which is off of their upcoming album. Apparently they haven't changed over the past quarter-century, and thats certainly not a fault. It's quite ironic how the high-tech 80s coincide perfectly with todays low-fi, DIY movement. Expect Netflix to re-stock their "Fast Times" collection shortly following the May release of Move Like This.

    And check out this classic, "You Might Think" by The Cars.

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