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    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2009

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    The Black Lips seem to be the new top headline makers of the indie music scene. Whether it's recording with King Khan, filming movies, or playing shows in India and subsequently being forced to flee the country, it seems every week there is something new and noteworthy to mention in regards to the Black Lips. The band has wowed us in the past with their grungy garage rock and is ready to impress once more with their newest album, entitled 200 Million Thousand, days away from hitting stores. In support of the album's release, the Black Lips are once again hitting the road on one of their infamously lengthy tours throughout the months of February, March, April and May.

    If you're a fan of the band's live performances, it's probably best to make your arrangements to see them this time around. According to the band's eccentric lead singer, Cole Alexander, the band's focus may be shifting from touring to recording. On the topic, Alexander stated, "...I kind of think the recordings are the most important thing. I think the Black Lips have got to work on getting out (of) this whole live experience thing and get into bringing something that will last forever and that is (making) records".

    In a recent email swap, the peculiar front-man seems to be as excited as we are about the band's new album...though the meaning behind the title remains an unknown. When asked about it, Alexander told us to "Ask a rocket scientist, he can tell you". And when asked what Alexander was most excited about on the new album, he responded even more cryptically, "The fact that (the) first sound ever known to have been recorded in the world is featured for the first time on (the) album. You can hear this 1860 warble, buried in body combat". What he means by this is for you to decide. Perhaps it will all make sense once you listen to the album...perhaps (probably) not. Either way we are incredibly eager to hear it.

    That's not all the Black Lips have been up to lately. For the King Khan fans out there, word has been spreading of a new EP in the works featuring Mr. Khan. As you may well know, Alexander and Khan share a special sort of relationship, to say the least. When asked what it is about King Khan that keeps them coming back for more, Alexander responded, "The hot cum. It tastes like Mongolian blue cheese". How lovely.

    In the end, antics and eccentricity aside, all Cole Alexander wants is for people to take notice and be entertained. Or as he puts it himself, "I would hope even the most A.D.D. child could stay entertained, even if it was just for a minute". Well Mister Alexander. Whether or not we have A.D.D., as long as you keep putting out music of this quality, we will continue to be entertained. -Greg Lozoff

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