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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Ah, the Internet is a beautiful thing. You have the ability of scanning through thousands of pages to satiate your quenches of "in case you missed it" content. We here at Baeble have provided The Roundup to assist the lazy surfers. This week's collection contains a plethora of memorable visual clippings; dearest Adele's outstanding performance at The Brits, Bright Eyes' newest video depicting Oberst's bohemian lifestyle, LCD Soundsystem's interview and final television performance on Stephen Colbert, Yeasayer's transient trip of an old man, and Odd Future's abduction of Jimmy Fallon.

    Adele - "Someone Like You" - Live at The Brits

    By far the most oustanding vocal performance of the night, Adele also embraces classic simplicity with a beautiful version of her song "Someone Like You". She demonstrates how effective back-to-basics can be as only a lightly played piano complements the stunning power of her voice. This, along with the glittering confetti that softly fell to the stage around her, propelled this performance from impressive to truly enchanting.

    Bright Eyes - "Shell Games"

    The recent release of The People's Key showed us all an enlightening image of the king of dread. Oberst's artistic soul has been enlightened and the album is his proclamation of his growth. "Shell Games" is one of the clearest examples of his transformation. It's no surprise that Oberst's crib is nestled in some Smokey Mountain commune.

    LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change" Live on Colbert

    LCD Soundsystem gave a different sort of finale, choosing The Colbert Report to host the band's final television appearance. And though LCD performed a rather fitting rendition of "I Can Change", it's Murphy's interview with Colbert that is most interesting and amusing. Despite Colbert's warnings that retirees suffer from severe lack of access to "honey dipped co-eds", Murphy remained adamant of his desire to call it quits saying, "at a certain point it gets embarrassing". We think that age should be closer to 70, but hey...the man want's to do other things.

    Yeasayer - "I Remember"

    The experimental group out of Brooklyn is no less eccentric in their music video productions. The band's video for "I Remember", off of Odd Blood, elicits reminiscence of 70s Midnight Movies like "El Topo". Bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have taken similar video routes. Alongside their whimsical tune, this elderly biker slips off into a peyote-like trance. Luckily for this loner, his trip is occupied by a turquoise-jeweled babe. (How many times do I have to insist that chicks dig the stache?) Check out our video of Yeasayer live at the Music Hall of Willamsburg.

    Odd Future - "Sandwitches" - Live on Fallon

    The debut television performance by Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy beats was chaotically outstanding. Backed by The Roots, the duo frantically performed and justified all the hype. After taking the program hostage, Jimmy may have crapped a bit. Tyler's solo album, GOBLIN is due out this May.

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