new music video: cut copy
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Australian synthpop group, Cut Copy, has provided the fans of their latest album Zonoscope with a music video for its initial track, "Need You Now". Like so many other electro-pop groups, their sound suggests heavy influences from the 80s new wave. The video's director, Keith Schofield, similarly favors the glorious decade (check out his site).

    Schofield flexes his abstract muscles, just as he had for Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck's "Heaven Can Wait". In the Cut Copy video, the director surrounds the Devo-esque musicians with rejected athletes. As the song reaches the fervor of a climax, the less than sporty characters have a relative reaction. "Napolean Dynamite" meets "Lucas" in this epic video.

    Watch the full video at

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