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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Siobhan, our resident Belieber, has been asked to tackle this monstrous movie event.

    Though a Justin Bieber movie review may not be the the first thing you'd expect to find on Baeble, I consider enlightening the uneducated about the joys of the Bieberverse to be a personal quest of mine, so I'm taking this chance to open your eyes. [Ed. Note: I have not seen this movie. Here we go!]

    Let me begin by explaining that I was not a fan of Justin Bieber from day one. The only reason I swung over from mild disinterest to full-blown Beliebing was because of the impression Justin gave me that he is completely and honestly himself. In an age that is often criticized for overly produced publicity, I find Justin to be refreshingly unapologetic about his personality. He may repeat the phrase "I'm 16, I'm a normal kid" to death, but I also believe he only says it so much because it's just true. The lovable thing about Justin Bieber is that he doesn't take himself seriously; he can't explain the hype any better than you can [It's the hair.]. But none of us can deny it. ['It' being the hair.]

    Never Say Never gives you a chance to take a closer look at the person underneath the legendary side-swept bangs. The reason why this movie is so compelling is because it documents a phenomenon that is rare in a disingenuine age [Very fair.]. Isn't the reason why we all love indie music because we connect to the open-hearted honesty that drives it? You may be surprised to learn that this is the exact same sentiment that launched this sixteen year old's astounding success.

    The devotion that Justin Bieber's fans feel for him may be judged as unrealistic, but it is also completely sincere. Part of the reason why I like him so much is because of the absolute purity under which this fandom unites. These kids dont like Justin Bieber to prove a point, or because it's cool. In fact, it's not cool to like Justin Bieber (just ask my fourteen year old cousin, who hates him). They are his fans because they're 100% compelled by the power of their heart and unabashedly promote the connection they feel to him and his story. [And in some ways, this works backwards with our favorite artists. We love them because they seem indifferent and most don't understand it, but secretly, it speaks to us in a similar way. Sincerity is the root of resonance.]

    There is something to be said for that kind of outright, do-or-die intensity. I don't know many people who love anything as much as Justin Bieber's fans love him, and it's not because they have been tricked by some large marketing machine [Welllllllllll.... kids are gullible.]. I highly doubt that Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, is a sorcerer who managed to bewitch an identical emotional reaction across the globe [That's because he stupefied you.]. This film explores the natural progression of this fandom as Justin visited countless radio stations, posted videos on YouTube, and used Twitter to engage his peers and get the word out. He gained these fans on his own. He was not made in a factory. Usher didnt go searching for a boy-wonder and craft him in his image. Justin was born with talent, was given a shot, and worked tirelessly for the success that he has achieved [It is fair to say he worked hard for it.]. In Never Say Never, you'll see that as only a two-year-old, he could carry a rhythm on a kiddie drum set. This begins a montage of his musical childhood, ending in a display of current-day Biebs showing enough talent on the drums to shock every single person in the theater, Beliebers included.

    As for the corny moments that include Justin Bieber being suspended over the audience inside a giant, floating heart, just imagine how amazing that would be if you were a twelve year old girl [Those were the days.]. Bravo to him for having enough of a sense of humor about himself to give his fans these magic moments he knows they'll appreciate. As for the fangirls in Never Say Never who fawn over his every delicate movement, though they may not have a large amount of experience with love or relationships, that certainly doesn't mean that what they're feeling isn't real [Sidenote: what do you think people were saying about girls and The Beatles in the 60s? Obviously not analogous knowing what we know now about their influence, but just think about it from a blank slate perspective.]. Millions of teenage girls from all around the world did not decide to team up and pledge their lifelong devotion to him simply to annoy everybody else. The reason why he touches them with such intensity is because they dont have any society-pressured reason to deny him. Kids have nothing to prove [Those were they days.]. Their emotions are raw and without agenda and they are just responding to something that innately appeals to their girly instinct to fall in love (speaking from experience, here) and follow their dreams [Tricky business, and "love" deserves quotes, but yes, there is a kind of admirable innocence at work.].

    Like his fans, Justin Bieber isn't jaded. Like his fans, he is driven by a dedicated belief in ideals. This film isn't going to change your taste in music (though you will be impressed by how much natural talent he actually has), but it will reinforce the universal hope we all share for achieving our wildest dreams [Awwwwwwwww.].

    While you may think Justin Bieber is just a face selling a brand, by watching this movie, you'll find that his achievements were propelled by a worldwide unification of heartfelt inspiration. Justin Bieber represents the fairy tale of love through his music and the fairy tale of success through his experiences. It is difficult not to admire the unaffected honesty of his reach-for-the-stars drive, while maintaining such a light hearted approach to life and to himself.

    [Interesting points here. And for many, Bieber is the last stronghold in an otherwise unattainable idealist mentality. It'd be unfair for us grumpy old adults to compare him to the grey-scale of our musical preoccupations... because our heroes started somewhere positive. Like The Beatles, who transcended from holding hands to darker, drug-addled territory, or even Radiohead who moved from Pablo Honey to inconceivable post-modern poetry about "woman and children first", the Biebs is still in the honeymoon stage with today's youth. I'm not saying he will start writing songs about schizophrenics eventually, and we don't have to like it, but we can't fault Beliebers for being so damn happy about it just because our favorite music usually involves sad rain montages.]

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