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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Massachusetts has been perpetually recognized, by the New York community, as the home of fan adversaries and the bizarre Mc-Mafioso (Irish mob). Recently, a bridge was formed, connecting the two, warring factions via the indie music community. NYC first welcomed the Boston synth-pop revolution when Passion Pit collected record-setting crowds at Central Park and Governors Island. It is expected that, with the release of their re-mastered EP, DOM will assist in upholding the olive branch.

    DOM, assumedly named after founding member Dominic (won't reveal his last name due to particular debts), retains some reminiscent qualities of their predecessors, but the DIY aesthetics of their production have crafted something sonically unique. The band claims to have intended on being an "electronic, sci-trance project", but the outcome was something in an alternate realm.

    The first track, "Jesus", is upbeat and driven more by the surfy guitar rhythm and drumming than the Casio keys. The fuzzy, echoing vocals relax listeners into a daze of psychedelic summers. "Living In America", won Song of the Year at the Boston Music Awards. Though it carries the postmodern-pop, electronic sounds of heavier synth and distortion with less instrumental accompaniment, the gentle, fuzzy vocals create an interesting juxtaposition. The album is comprised of songs that would rest comfortably in the soundtrack of any surf film (that's enough, Jack Johnson).

    DOM states that they intend on being "the Madonna of garage rock". Let us hope that they mirror the icon in her long-lived musical career, but wedding dresses and cheap, British accents should remain in the garage.

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