oscars nix best original song performance
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2010

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    Oscar broadcast executive producers Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic no longer feel the live music is necessary, at least for 2010. They've eliminated the iconic spots of the Oscar telecast where artists are given the opportunity to perform their nominated songs. Naturally, this pissed off a few people.

    Many directors and musicians have claimed this is a blatant disregard of tradition, and robs artists of their well deserved five minutes of television fame. While we don't totally agree that we'd like to see any of the music from Nine, a few iconic performances have bee tossed around and thinking about what Oscar history (let alone music history) would be like without them is kind of a bummer. E.G. Elliot Smith performing "Ms. Misery" at the 1998 Oscars:

    Also worth mentioning: The Swell Season, whose performance and win in 2008 escalated them to international fame. The discussion seems to suggest this change may only be temporary. We hope so, for the sake of artists who deserve televised recognition for the work they've done, in the same form as their predecessors. A shortened montage set to their recording? Not going to cut it, Oscar.

    The Oscars are on in two weeks and will be hosted by Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. It will at least be better than It's Complicated. -joe puglisi

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