Drake Warms Hearts With Joyous Video For 'God's Plan'
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    It's been a long time since Drake dropped a music video. In fact, we haven't seen anything new since "Hotline Bling" in October 2015, but now the wait is over with a heartwarming visual for "God's Plan". Swapping the more luxurious spending you might traditionally associate with hip-hop for a charity spree coming in just shy of a million dollars, Drake strikes an unexpected emotional chord.

    Bringing the love to Miami, the Canadian rapper makes his way through $996,631.90 worth of generosity - taking the shape of college scholarships, new cars, free groceries and straight-up cash giveaways on the street. It's a surprisingly affecting video. Seeing a mother overwhelmed by a gift that will shape her son's future, hope offered to a man struggling to find work, or children in a shelter receiving presents - it really hits home.

    It's actually a pretty fun video too, the inherent emotion is affecting but it steers clear of overt sentimentality, never veering into sadness, and there are plenty of trademark Drizzy dance moves keeping things light. There might be some serious issues at the heart of things, but the direction, from Karena Evans and Director X, remains uplifting throughout. Drake has been mocked in the past for his overly earnest nature, but he channels his personality into something a little bit special here.

    "God's Plan", from the EP Scary Hours, has already made its mark by breaking first-day streaming records and topping the Billboard Hot 100, but this video elevates a mere hit song to something that might just leave a broader cultural imprint when all is said and done. Drake called this video "The most important thing I have ever done in my career" and it's doubtful that many would argue that.

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