The 1975 Go Chillwave
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    The recent premiere of "Somebody Else" by The 1975 is a demonstration that the British pop-rockers will be experimenting with and diversifying their sound. Beyond that, they pull off the way they embellish a pop-driven style of the slow and processed chillwave style. For a band whose success came through a crisp, clean sound, they have a way of adapting to a more processed and 80s esque version of chillwave that is still rather upbeat compared to most pioneers in the genre.

    The way the guitars, synths, and lead instruments have been arranged is done so that, with a decent pair of headphones, it seems as though the notes are extremely bouncy and dancy, and in many ways creates a relaxed sort of ASMR-inducing whir while still maintaining the upbeat nature that the band has utilized quite often.

    "Somebody Else" represents the band's departure from a more dry and simplistic sound into something more experimental, and full-sounding, and they've done a good job thus far of living up to the challenge of revamping the aesthetic of their sound in a way that will further distinguish them for their adaptability and change. While The 1975's prior work remained fun and dancey, "Somebody Else" represents a more melancholic and heartfelt intention that Healy's previous lyrics didn't necessarily capture in the same way.

    Healy recaps an ended relationship with a cynical and unexpected sappiness, which lends a hand to both the unanticipated "actuality" behind the experience while also catering to the need to be succinct and full of hooks. In short, the vocals are simple but in many ways make the song work. Hopefully Healy and the rest of the band continue experimenting with a more toned down, hypnotic sort of electronic inspired sound, because this diversified approach speaks for itself that the band's second album is sure to be filled with some surprising changes. After listening to "Somebody Else" it's easy to anticipate that the sophomore album will have an elegance and mature composure that will be drenched with all kinds of neat sound effects and tranquil moods.

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