Baeble First Play: The Alt Folk Romance of RIVVRS
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Emily Oldenquist

    March is always a good month to get rid of the old in your life. People may call this "Spring cleaning," but with a refreshed outlook and much less clutter comes the itch for the new. As Spring comes and we near the end of February, it's natural to crave anything and everything fresh. So, to fancy any fix you may have for fresh and new, keep your eyes on RIVVRS.

    RIVVRS is an alt-folk singer songwriter from LA with an effortlessly edgy and clean acoustic sound. The playful edge that RIVVRS has to offer derives from the low, soft and raspy vocals that sheet over plucked strings. RIVVRS has paired the track with a newly released video for I Will Follow You which is simple, romantic, and light...a perfect match for the track's vibes. RIVVRS will release his debut full-length album, Unfamiliar Skin, in March of 2016.

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