Album Review: Sharon Van Etten
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    A few of years back, Sharon Van Etten coaxed a delicate waltz of acoustic hypnotics from whatever was ailing her at the time. Listening to the stories that inhabited Because I Was In Love, Van Etten's first steps into the indie-verse, her motivations seemed to stem from the inner-messiness of failed relationships. Uncertainty, vulnerability, something still and surrendered; the simple sadness of her first album made it easy to picture the girl at the center of the story held up in a sparse, Brooklyn apartment, the ash tray overflowing with has-been cigarettes, empty bottles of beer littering the floor, and a few weeks' crusty dishes piling up in the sink. Its mostly acoustic sound hardly seemed inspired by a beautiful place...and yet it was.

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