mp3: the wombats
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It's astonishing how conversing with Liverpool natives will leave you questioning the foundations of the English language, but when placed against a catchy tune their voices become quite eloquent. The L-Pool based, indie-pop threesome, The Wombats have released a free track for your listening pleasure. "Addicted To The Cure" is an interesting mix of Matt Murphy's vocals (closely resembling Robert Smith) with the ban's upbeat, pop rhythm.

    "There's a cigarette in my mouth/A nicotine patch on the floor/When did we get addicted to The Cure." The band uses The Cure as a metaphor of love's withdrawal. I wonder how all the "non-conformists" will feel about this incredibly catchy reference to their chief.

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