fun of the day: who the hell is arcade fire?
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Let's be real, most of the country is not quite as hip to too-cool-for-school weirdos like James Blake and indie twee like Best Coast. Your mom has not heard of such trifles. BUT Arcade Fire should be a household name at this point, with a number one record and significant placement in Where The Wild Things Are and even major sporting event commercials. And then they won an Album Of The Year Grammy for their hard work on The Suburbs, the most accurate labeling of anything Grammy related since ever. But then things got weird.

    But when the Twitterati started up with a "who is Arcade Fire" campaign, we were very confused. Really, INTERNET? I suppose it's feasible that some people in their dark cave-homes have never heard "Wake Up" but it's still somewhat incredible that they've managed to avoid this massive band. If you wish there was some song out there that captures the silliness of this ignorance and addresses it head on with hard facts, look no further, because here it is.

    Esparanza Spalding is on her own.

    Special thanks to Jonathan Mann and his Song A Day project (now in its third year).

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