BLACK HISTORY MONTH: 10 Indie Women Killing The Game
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    In case you didn't know, we're midway through February, and that means that it's also Black History Month. We'd like to think that every month is BHM, you know, the same way that Valentine's Day should be every day, but it doesn't hurt to take this time to appreciate some of our favorite artists of the moment. More specifically, there are tons of indie women out there killing the music game right now, so this one goes out to them. Here's a shout out to some of our current faves.

    1. CupcakKe

    Surely you've heard of CupcakKe before, but if not, you're about to. This woman is INSANE, in the best way possible. I feel like I shouldn't even share this video because it is so #NSFW, but it is so good. After collabing with tons of heavy hitters like Charli XCX plus being a star in her own right, she's about to blow up on the scene.

    2. NULA

    NULA is a duo who hail from the UK. They creates dark indie pop that's blended with a slight R&B edge and their song "Mutual" is danceable, sultry goodness at its finest.

    3. ASH.

    Once again, we've got some more R&B-tinged indie pop. ASH. hasn't released a ton of new music as of late but more is coming soon.

    4. Shenna

    Shenna recently released her video for "Magenta" and it features… A lot of magenta! It's also bound to boost you with some empowerment, as it follows the singer out at the club with her girls, all cool, calm, and confident. The song is perfect for the club too, it's super dreamy, catchy, and straight up infectious.

    5. NINIOLA

    NINIOLA is making a pretty big name for herself in Nigeria, but we're waiting for her high energy afrobeats to slowly creep their way over here.

    6. Izzy Bizu

    Izzy Bizu is Ethiopian and English, and her voice is absolutely KILLER. We actually had her in for a session recently which you can watch here. If you're into Amy Winehouse (who isn't?), then Bizu's soul-pop is going to have you feeling some type of way.

    7. Hayleau

    Hayleau's groovy synth-pop gives us some island vibes, and her smooth voice is drop dead gorgeous. Her song "C - Side" is going to make you want to dance, but it's also going to conjure up some emotions.

    8. Lizzo

    Lizzo is another artist who's about to dip into the mainstream world, but there are still a lot of people who have yet to discover her. Her song "Water Me" is a personal favorite of mine because it is alllll about loving yourself, and everyone needs a little reminder to love themselves.

    9. Syd

    Syd has been around (she's from The Internet and Odd Future) but her solo stuff is newer and so. damn. good. Not only is she a performer, but she's also a producer and engineer. Talk about a jack of all trades.

    10. Ravyn Lenae

    Another very promising artist, Ravyn Lenae just released her Crush EP earlier this month, which features her awesome songs "Sticky" and "Closer (Ode 2 U)." If you're a fan of Kelela or the aforementioned Izzy Bizu, you're going to really dig this gal. She's offering something really different to the table.

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