Moby's Powerful New Video Shows Great Love for Animals and Those That Care For Them
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Moby doesn't tend to pull any punches with his political beliefs. Whether it be very vocally supporting supporting Hillary Clinton during the election, calling Trump out on everything that he disagrees with, or simply supporting animal lives, Moby has never been one to say silent.

    Released on Valentine's Day, this new video is Moby's "love letter to animals and the people who love and rescue them." And it's powerful. He brings a hopeful message to the otherwise disturbing topic of the treatment of animals as opposed to his previous video on the subject, "Don't Leave Me," which felt more like just a video on the brutal reality of the topic, that left you depressed, and not likely to do anything afterwards.

    This song is different though. Delivered in a soaring electronic track that uses lyrics like "I can see the net of heaven / Close, in hop of days I love," and "Just give me hope / A simple love," the music in itself feels optimistic and inspiring; which definitely enhances the video's message of love of towards towards animals and the people that help them.

    Moby uses the story of pigs that started out locked in cages, unhealthy, and cramped. They were eventually rescued by animal rights groups and brought into a place where they had fields where they could roam free, and mud that they could blissfully roll in. It shows that there is a light for them. It's us. We have the power to make pig's lives, and any animal lives, better. This celebration of the animal rights organizations that are trying to truly make the world a better place for these animals, feels more inspirational than just guilting people for eating meat. It shows that there is a solution, and it's found in us.

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