Cee Lo Green Confesses Love For Beyonce in New Video 'Jay-Z's Girl'
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek


    Some of you spent Valentine's Day with your significant others or - for all you single ladies out there - might've attended a Galentine's Day bash or downed wine while on your couch watching romantic movies. Or, if you're Cee Lo Green, you release a semi-creepy video about your love for Beyonce called "Jay-Zs Girl."

    Released under his new moniker, Gnarly Davidson, the track gives the Rick Springfield classic, "Jessie's Girl" a twist by confessing his profess his admiration of Queen Bey. All in good fun, of course. The video stars Little Fun as CeeLo's young self and he's in his bedroom with drawings and posters of Jay-Z's lady. He makes his way to the balcony, where Beyonce's face is in an array of stars. "Jay-Z's the man" he sings, "I'm probably his biggest fan / but there's a feeling inside that Im sure he'll probably understand / I'm in love with Bey and I wanna be her man."

    As ridiculous as it may be, it's hilarious and I'm sure we'll be seeing more outrageous videos under Cee Lo Green's new alter ego, Harley Davidson.

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