Album Review: Grimes
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    The most common crutch that writers have when describing the sound of an album is to compare it to other acts. Cults sound like the Shirelles (a comparison no one writing in music ever thought they'd make). Gotye is equal parts George Michael, Phil Collins, and Sting. Imperial Teen combine '90s alt-rock/post-grunge with '80s post-punk, especially the Cure and the Smiths. When writers are forced to use our own words to convey the sound of a group rather than name-dropping every similar band while using indie buzzwords like "slick pop" or "hazy" or "breezy", you know you're in for a truly unique experience. Montreal based avant-pop artist Grimes (see there we go with the buzzwords again) is making her bid to be one of the artists with the most distinct and specific voices in music today, and after listening to Visions, we have to concede that she has succeeded.

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