EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sam Martin - Sugar Is Sweet
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2019

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    You know Sam Martin. You know him from two hugely successful collaborations with David Guetta that have racked up more than 550 million plays on Spotify alone. His is now cutting his own path and letting a different side of his talent shine through. Things are a little slowed down, thoughtful and personal. Not that we don't love stadium filling EDM bangers, but it is nice to get to know the artist behind these monsters.

    Sam is leading us up to the release of his debut album, Alpha Omega to be released on March 1. Today's Premiere, "Sugar Is Sweet" follows "Sabotage."

    He has this to say about the video, "The video for "Sugar Is Sweet" picks up where the visual for "Sabotage" left off. We see a flashback of the protagonist as a child experiencing his first feelings of love and then we fast forward to him meeting a beautiful girl that is no good for him. The temptation is too much for the young man but as the video progresses, we slowly see the relationship deteriorate, ending in a break up and teasing the rest of the story." "

    The song is upbeat with a dark twist. The melody has a feel-good quality, and on the surface the lyrics seem the same, but if you scratch under the surface, the song is about falling into temptation with a girl who's bad for you, and substances that seem good at first but eventually betray you."

    So sit back, relax and press play on this exciting new work.

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