Kanye Romantically Returns to Instagram Right in Time For 'TLOP' Anniversary
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    After deleting his Instagram and Twitter in the spring of 2017, Kanye West has finally reintroduced himself, with all of his glory, into the beautiful world of social media. We really missed him. His first post, just this afternoon February 14th, was in honor of Valentine's Day: a card that reads "Happy Valentine's Day babe". Looks like even Kanye can't miss V-Day - we really hope he's doing a little something more than this for Kim, but we figure she would demand nothing less for the romantic holiday. Since then he's gone on to post various pictures of celebrity couples old and new: Sean Penn and Madonna, Michelle and Barack Obama, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt. Cute! Where's the picture of you and Kim, Kanye? We'd love to know.

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    In the meantime, it seems suspicious that all this Valentine's Day love via Instagram could happen to coincide with the two-year anniversary of The Life of Pablo, his most recent album. Could he be teasing a new album? Related - possibly - to love? That would be pretty cool. Not that any of us should take love advice from Kanye West. Not for any particular reason (although I'm sure you could come up with a few), just that he should probably stick to making music and not matchmaking. Who knows, maybe we should expect some new tunes from the music master? Or maybe he's just got heart eyes for his wife Kim? Or he just wants more attention? All possibilities. In the meantime, enjoy pictures of celebrity couples on his Instagram on this Valentine's Day.

    Side note: he posted these things literal hours ago and already has hundreds of thousands of likes. They're not even relevant to his life and the comment threads all say things like, "Kanye, come out with new music," and "Kanye, you're my inspiration." Like, what's a girl gotta do to post a Google Image picture on social media and get 1 million likes? Produce multiple award-winning albums, you say? Well. Still.

    Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

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