DJ Khaled, Beyonce, and Jay-Z Are at the Top of Their Game in New Song
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    On new song, "Shining," DJ Khaled, Beyonce, and Jay Z are all bringing their strengths to the table, and everything about this track just screams pride in what they do with looped strings, crisp kick drums and hi-hats, and a whole vibe full of class. DJ Khaled is doing some of his best work here - with a beat that sounds as clean and as well-dressed as the baby on the cover.

    Yeah, this track has the typical shouts of "We The Best Music!" and "Another One!", but after that, we see an awesome verse from Beyonce, delivered in her signature in a cool and sexy style, and never made a verse about losing your mind sound so desirable. With her repeated phrases of "hold on / don't / try to / slow me down", there's a sense that Beyonce is more full of fire than ever before, and with this being the same person who released Lemonade, she definitely deserves to have that fire.

    Surprisingly, when Jay-Z's verse came in, he delivered a verse that noticeably had that fire as well. While his recent verses have been the typical braggadocio that he's been doing all throughout his career, and you'd think he would still be pretty good at it, he's honestly just been sounding tired. Here though, a whole new sense of life is felt, working his role as a father into his verse, and that seems to be the thing that truly gives him life now. There is only so much money and success you can have.

    It's also always nice to see Beyonce and Jay-Z working on something together again. All marriage references aside, they've always been a great team, ever since "Crazy in Love" came out back in 2003, and this song is no exception. While Beyonce could've absolutely slain this song on her own, I don't think Jay-Z could have. Beyonce brings out the best in Jay-Z, and DJ Khaled definitely gave a platform here to show it.

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