10 Songs to Charm Your Valentine's Pants Off
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Whether it's through inflated plant delivery charges or pricey heart-shaped menu items, let's be honest gentlemen, on Valentine's Day, we're all just offering up sacrifice to the hormonal gods in hope of good harvest. These novelty gifts and sweets, however, are merely a proverbial knock on the temple doors. What truly seals the deal during this ridiculously short-lived human mating season—lucky lion bastards do it for like a month straight—is the playlist that you smoothly pop on when the party moves back to your apartment. Like that of our aforementioned feline friends, a single song on this playlist can act as our beckoning roar.

    And fellas, the Righteous Brothers may have worked for your pops, but it's time to embrace your own generation's love songs. Just like your lady's flowers, she wants these tunes fresh, and to help you out, we put together a short list of a few mood-stirring singles.

    1. Charles Bradley - "Let Love Stand a Chance"

    Sure, Charles Bradley is in his mid-60s, but it wasn't until 2011 that, with the help of Daptone Records, he graced the world with his sensual soul, and then did it again last year with Victim of Love. In recent years we've heard countless contemporary acts like Alabama Shakes who have embraced classic R&B intimacy, but this guy lives it and breathes this love.

    2. Mayer Hawthorne - "Designer Drug"

    Here's a new drug metaphor for love, evidently Mayer Hawthorne is above all those amateur drugs, and only custom ordered in stillettos from the lab will satisfy him. Sounds like he's developing quite the addiction; what's the equivalent of girl rehab...prison?

    3. Rhye - "Open"

    The first time everyone heard Rhye, they thought, "Wow, that chick has a really pretty voice." Then they realized it was a dude with a really pretty voice. We hope you don't run into a similar situation with your date tonight...

    4. Disclosure - "You & Me" (feat. Eliza Doolittle)

    Who wouldn't be wooed by Disclosure? Although this music video is a bit of a turn off, this is the most romantic context in which a paper bag has ever been mentioned.

    5. The National - "Heavenfaced"

    Matthew Berninger's voice has a mystifying power over women; one that they usually find with batteries included. This guy's voice could make an ASPCA commercial sexy.

    6. Banks - "Warm Water" (Snakehips Remix)

    Snakehips puts a groovy spin on the already seductive voice of Banks.

    7. Phosphorescent - "Song for Zula"

    Few songs can transcend the boundaries between crying together and sweaty sex quite like Phosphorescent's "Song For Zula". Its angelic tone, heartbeat pace and Johnny Cash motif have the power to engross the heart and the mind of any listener. Matthew Houck sings about being broken, and we all know that every woman wants a man she can fix.

    8. BenZel and Jessie Ware- "If You Love Me"

    Nothing like Jessie Ware for a little seduction. This is her project with the mysterious BenZel, who are rumored to either be Banksy or two adorable little Japanese girls, it's very unclear. With Ware's purr combed through a sensually glitchy beat and gospelly hooks, this song's easy-to-read theme will appeal to even the most indecisive date. *This song is not included on the Spotify playlist above.

    9. Blood Orange - "Chosen"

    Similar to your evening, Blood Orange's "Chosen" starts out slow, and quite frankly pretty damned boring. But when the broad finally stops chatting, Dev Hynes swoops in with his smooth-as-silk seduction.

    10. Miles Kane - "Take The Night From Me"

    Former frontman of The Last Shaddow Puppets and The Rascals does a pretty good Paris style love song from his debut solo album Colour of the Trap.

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