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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Bat For Lashes' first two albums were wonderfully witchy, electro-tinged fantasies, ripe with rich productions and poetic storytelling, propelled by the brilliant brainchild of the project, Natasha Khan. Fur and Gold and Two Suns launched Khan into the lofty realm of other prominent British artists; names like PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp, and Radiohead come to mind. But in the lead-up to album number three, Khan faced every artist's greatest foe: writer's block.

    "Writer's block is terrifying for an is terrifying if you're desperate to create something and nothing's coming. I think a good lesson to learn is to deal with that, because it happens all the time and maturing as an artist and developing your skill is partly about realizing when to let go and see what other interests you might have or just have fun and lighten up a bit and not worry so much."

    Thom York told Khan to draw. She also did some gardening, read books, baked cakes, and went back to her university to hang with her old art professor. By her own account, she nested until the songs came. First "Lillies", then "The Haunted Man", and later, a batch that would become an album by the same name. When she finished The Haunted Man two years later, Khan had a very different sort of collection on her hands; a more minimalist affair where beats, programming, and synths all seemed to bloom a little slower than previous records. More organic elements infiltrated her craft as well. Her voice too, had changed ever so slightly; more delicate, wispy, as if meandering on air currents from far off places, hitting the listener at the perfect, trance-inducing time.

    It's a new aesthetic that's captured beautifully in our session with Natasha. Joined by collaborator Ben Christophers, Khan performs exquisite versions of The Haunted Man's "All You Gold", "Laura", and "Lillies", as well as "Lumen", an unreleased, special treat for the occasion. In between performances, Khan tells of her journey with The Haunted Man. If you've been a fan of Khan's work over the years, consider this essential viewing. If you have not yet experienced her music, we are certain that our session with Bat For Lashes is a spellbinding introduction to one the world's greatest, pure creative talents.

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