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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox (Animal Collective), has re-recorded "Last Night at the Jetty" for his newest solo album, Tomboy. There is an immediate recognition of Sonic Boom's (Spacemen 3) involvement, mixing the album. While Panda Bear's earlier musical experiments may have received high acclaim for the lo-fi sound qualities, the involvement of crisp production permits Panda Bear to beautifully harmonize.

    The sound of Panda Bear's latest is noticeably similar to the artistic creations of The Beach Boys (you know, when Brian Wilson went crazy). It's Pet Sounds of the 21st Century. The crisp flow and echo of Panda Bear's vocals accompanied by the precise technical mixing (didn't need harpsichords or dog whistles like his predecessors) lead to his recent creations to be near excellence.

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    MP3: "Last Night at the Jetty"
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