Mount Kimbie Enlist King Krule For New Single 'Turtle Neck Man'
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Electronic duo Mount Kimbie have released a new track today with a feature by regular collaborator King Krule. At only 82 seconds long the new track, titled "Turtle Neck Man", ends almost before it begins, but packs a lot into its short run time.

    The production is as eclectic as one would expect from such a partnership, as "Turtle Neck Man" opens like a broiling witches' brew, with bubbling synth clicks and popping bass notes bouncing off one another over discordant minor keys. Like a zoetrope, the track flashes glimpses of different genres through snippets of glitch-hop, jazz, ambient electronica and orchestral sounds. Over all of it is King Krule, spitting spoken word bars imitating spontaneous prose, as run on sentences trip over one another with seemingly no destination in mind. Like much of his work, it's less of a lyrical performance and more an exercise in post-modern linguistics.

    The song is an out-take from the sessions that eventually became Mount Kimbie's 2017 album Love What Survives, which featured another Krule collab "Blue Train Lines". While the track doesn't come with a new album or EP announcement, you can catch Mount Kimbie performing the track live when they kick off their upcoming tour next month.

    "Turtle Neck Man" is out via Warped Records.

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