Why Beyonce Didn't Win Album Of The Year
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Another Grammys awards show has come and gone and we're left puzzled about the results of the biggest award of the night: Album Of The Year. Adele won the category for 25 over Beyonce's Lemonade.

    No one was more shocked to hear the results than Adele herself. She even said a little part of her died when she heard her name over Beyonce's. As incredible as 25 is - and it definitely deserves the attention - Adele's acceptance speech was all about how Beyonce is far more deserving of the award. She even said backstage, "I thought it was her year. What the f*ck does she have to do to get Album Of The Year?"

    Beyonce was nominated for nine awards at the Grammys, but only won two of them - Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video for her song, "Formation." We all thought Beyonce would take home the Gramophone for Album Of The Year (and Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year, too) but Adele won the top three categories of the night. So, what happened?

    The Grammys have a reputation now of having a predominantly white audience and awarding more white artists than people of color. And race has been an issue at the Grammys for quite some time now. It especially comes into play when honoring an artist for Album Of The Year. A black artist hasn't won that category since 2008, and even that year, it wasn't awarded to a hip-hop artist but it was a jazz musician named Herbie Hancock.

    In the past, several artists have boycotted the Grammys because of its formulaic voting process and how it's generally regarded to as obscure and unclear at times. Because of this, the results often play it safe and avoid critically acclaimed, immensely talented people of color to give the award to the white musicians who are slightly less talented. Jay-Z boycotted the Grammys in 1999, 2002, and 2011 to show his disgust with the Grammys lack of respect to both rap and hip-hop music. Many other black artists have boycotted the awards show as well. I see a Jay-Z boycott coming for the 2018 Grammys, that's for sure.

    And 25 is a great album, don't get me wrong. Adele is an extremely talented vocal powerhouse and sings some tear-jerker love songs. But that's not the point. Beyonce's album is politically-charged, powerful and as Adele says in her acceptance speech, "well thought-out and beautiful and soul-baring." It's an album that America needs to hear right now because it empowers people of color to stand up for what they believe is right.

    But maybe Lemonade didn't win because it was only exclusively available on Tidal, a streaming service that streams mostly hip-hop and rap artists. The people who don't have Tidal couldn't listen to the powerful album in its entirety. And people of the unclear/unfair voting process for the Grammys, who knows if the people who voted even heard her album. If she made it available on services like Apple Music and Spotify, maybe she could've pulled ahead as more potential voters could've heard how f*cking empowering it is.

    But whatever the case may be, Beyonce deserved that award. And I know it isn't the same as winning Album Of The Year, but Adele pulled a Cady Heron from Mean Girls move and broke her Gramophone in half to give to Beyonce backstage. Maybe one day, Beyonce (and every single deserving person of color) will win Album Of The Year at the Grammys.

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