HAPPY GALENTINE'S DAY: 5 Best Woman Power Moments in Music
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Every year on the day before (the nauseating) Valentine's Day, we celebrate Galentine's Day. It's where all the single ladies who haven't found a man worthy of them yet get together and instead, celebrate each other with one bottle of wine and one pint of ice cream - EACH. Oh yeah, we actually drink that much wine and eat that much ice cream. That's why we're so damn happy on this holiday.

    In all seriousness, we want every day to be Galentine's Day, especially in the music industry where everything is that much more influential. There have been several moments in recent months that give us a major femme-hope, whether it's a simple collaboration on a song or a seriously authentic moment, like Adele praising Beyonce during her 2017 Grammy acceptance speech for Album of the Year. Let's take a look at just of our few favorite moments in music where women empowered the hell out of each other.

    1. Adele brings Beyonce to tears during her 2017 Grammy acceptance speech

    I've watched this speech several times now and it almost brings me to tears every single time. There's no way you can't not love both Adele and Beyonce after this and I'm usually pretty skeptical about what's real and what's not at award shows, but this was as real as it gets. Adele didn't win the award and make it all about her, but instead she professed her genuine love to Beyonce, and then Beyonce starts to cry. Two beautiful and talented wives/mothers/musicians lifting each other up - there's nothing better than that.

    2. Lady Gaga's "Hey Girl" ft. Florence Welch

    Lady Gaga's latest album Joanne featured a duet with Florence Welch called "Hey Girl" and it's easily one of the best new girl power anthems ever. Gaga and Florence take turns going back and forth, singing each line to each other, all about lifting each other up. What's more powerful than that?

    3. Taylor Swift's girl squad...?

    Okay, this one's a little controversial. Some may not agree because Taylor is not really known as a feminist and some look at her as a catty girl who pins herself against others, but I think the "Bad Blood" video was a nice little girl power moment in music history for sure. Shots of Ellie Goulding, Karlie Kloss, Hayley Williams, and more all gearing up for battle? Total femme bad assery.

    4. Grimes' Venus Fly ft. Janelle Monae

    This was a solid girl power anthem the second it came out, but the video just makes it that much more powerful. Grimes and Janelle Monae have been friends for a very long time now - in addition to this release, they've been constantly supporting each other via social media and live shows.

    5. Rihanna participating in the women's marches

    I know a ton of female musicians participated in the women's marches, but I feel like Rihanna is just the unspoken symbol for "peace not war." I really wanted to mention her because she is just so chill, you can't picture her fighting with anyone. At the Grammys she was nominated in several categories and we saw her cheer on every single winner like Beyonce and Adele, and she was really into Katy Perry's performance. The only recent beef she's had was with Azealia Banks, and really, who HASN'T had beef with that chick yet? Other than that, Rihanna embodies the total essence of feminism.

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