8 Terrible Music Image Makeovers
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    Change can be a good thing- just ask anyone at your local laundromat. And sometimes, a drastic image makeover can be a smart move for an artist looking to get some press or shake up their style. These musicians, however, should have stuck with their old looks:

    1. Madonna
    As she gets older, this pop star has never felt the need to act her age. But when you compare Madonna's modest Grammy outfit from last year, a hip tuxedo, to this years tight, racy, latex...thing... we can't help but wonder if she's trying a little too hard to be sexy. Especially with the whole flashing-your-butt-at-the-paparazzi stunt.

    2. Lil Kim
    Lil Kim's look has gone through some big changes, but big isn't always better. Way back in 2000, her outfits may have been flashy, but at least her body seemed natural. Then in 2004, it seemed like her nose was a little different. Then the rumors about implants started, and more alterations to her chin and nose. Now, the singer looks almost unrecognizable, with puffy cheeks and a way lighter skin tone.

    3. Kenny Rogers
    Here we have another victim of a plastic surgery debacle, country star Kenny Rogers. Guys(and gals), take note: when you get old, you get wrinkles. That's ok. It happens to everyone. Better to flaunt your age and wisdom than try to stretch out your skin and end up on a list like

    4. Miley Cyrus
    Remember that sweet, long haired brunette that sang songs under the name Hannah Montana? She's been replaced by a rebellious, scantily clad provocateur that can't seem to keep her tongue in her mouth or put clothes on over her underwear.

    5. Willie Nelson
    2010 was a dark time in history; Bieber fever was sweeping the nation, BP spilled a bunch of oil into the ocean, and Leslie Nielsen died. And to add to the years tragedies, Willie Nelson chopped off his braids. Though it's probably a hassle to wash that much hair, his long locks were such a big part of his image that they made it onto the Simpsons.

    6. Beyonce
    The Drunk In Love singer has always been known for her bold, untamed hair. But, that all changed when it was caught in a fan during a performance, and she styled it into a short, pixie cut. This move was way too drastic- instead of getting rid of her hair, couldn't she have just written a "no fans" clause into her contract? We're glad her long hair is back and better than ever!

    7. Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga has been through too many looks to count. She started with some simple face makeup, but quickly moved on to crazy hairstyles and costumes, including an outfit made of bubbles and a lobster costume. Looks like someone isn't satisfied with the attention they get just from singing.

    8. Courtney Love
    Courtney Love told Jimmy Kimmel (and the rest of the world) about her nose job in the 80's, which she underwent after losing an acting role. She credits that change with starting her career, but later on, she'd learn that drug addiction doesnt look good on anyone.

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