Sigur Ros Candles and Other Bandles
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It has been brought to our attention that Iceland's unrivaled, celestial post-rockers Sigur Ros have created their own custom candle scent. The $23.50 "Varoeldur candle," named after a track from Valtari, is said to smell like a driftwood campfire, similar to the aroma of the band's recording studio. I, however, smell bullshit.

    The band's website describes:

    The smoky, slightly briny smell of a flotsam campfire on a distant black beach under a wan midnight sun. And, most recently, the smell of Sigur Ros's studio, while they go about the quasi-mystical business of making the magic happen. Specially developed to the band's olfactory specifications, this candle burns for 35 evocative hours of "instant Iceland", or something like that.

    This got us thinking... What if this becomes a trend? What fragrances would embody the essences of our other favorite bands? Let's give it a shot.

    Mumford & Sons:

    The dusty, evocative scent of an old wardrobe in your grandparents' attic.

    Vampire Weekend:

    A bouquet of a Hamptons tiki bar cocktails and that regrettable aroma of a fraternity hallway at dawn's first light.


    Sweat and patchouli.

    The Lumineers:

    35 hours of an irritably unidentifiable aroma that you can't get out of your head.


    The musty drapes of a chain smoker's home, inspired by her dress at the Grammys.

    Bon Iver:

    A warm log cabin decorated in varied patterns of flannel.


    Gasoline, but not in a good way if you're one of those weirdos that enjoys it (gas and/or dubstep).

    Father John Misty:

    A gloomy Sunday morning dad hangover.

    Devendra Banhart:

    A damp wool sweater stained with splashes of curry.

    The Strokes:

    A worn leather jacket stuffed with rolling tabacco.

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