Public Access TV Continue To Breathe New Life Into NYC Garage
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Emily Oldenquist

    Public access television: satellite-strips take away from the cover story, and the poor quality audio often conceals the mistakes of the stammering news anchor. Nothing exhilarating happens on these news stations. No one with an exciting life sits down to watch or listen to such. Usually public stations are just sources of white noise. I never thought exciting people cared about public access tv; and I would have screamed this opinion across the Long Island Sound up until yesterday. That is, until I came to realize that with capital letters and different context, this would be a boldfaced lie.

    Public Access TV is a playful, fierce, timeless and effortlessly invigorating New York-based act. The band is composed of four very exciting and talented people, and listeners can identify to be just as interesting.

    Yesterday these guys released a video for one of their latest tracks On Location. The video starts with a 70s inspired female spokesperson, introducing the band as if they are guests on some public station. The concept of On Locations video is truly brilliant. Appearing homemade, the band hones in on their New York roots with their chosen location of the un-finished, pipe-exposed, cluttered video space. This video takes a simplistic and artistic approach to emphasizing the importance of pure sound, cohesive musical elements and just the genesis of truly notable, good music

    Public Access TV is sturdy with brit-rock vibes, and they keep the respected genre of garage rock in check by bringing vocals similar to Black Lip and Circa Waves, and the instrumentals heavily identify with The Kills. This minimalist video is a must-watch, and will be a continuous listen.

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