Galentine's Day 2016: Bad Bitch Remix
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Sabrina Cognata

    This Galentine's Day I am celebrating all the bad bitches before me. The women who paved the way for an outspoken nutcase like me to have a platform to regurgitate my radical feminist ideas. The ladies who refused to let men tell them to be seen and not heard. The gals who marched for our right to vote and ability to choose what to do with our own bodies.

    These bad girls who came before us, risked everything to create a future that is kinder to women. And now, as women, we need to keep forging ahead with the purpose of celebrating all of our achievements. If you're a woman who's ever stood up for something you believe in, rejected the sexist advances of a creep or stepped in when you know another woman needed help--this mix is for you.

    Raise a glass to each other and your achievements because if we don't start celebrating each other, who will? To all my ladies who have ever been there for me in any capacity, I dedicate this mix to you. Together we can make a change. Together we can crush the patriarchy.

    (And here are two tracks on the playlist that are nowhere to be found on Spotify. They are meant to be played after "Independent Women" and "Shoop" respectively.)

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