Are Kanye West And Death Cab For Cutie A Mash Up Match Made In Heaven
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Throughout the mid 2000s and onwards, hobbyists took to the internet to give rise to some of the most unexpected and often ridiculous mashup albums, mixing often clashing samples between artists. Some mashups are met with "My god, what have you done?" while others illicit "I can't believe someone thought of this." It seems that the most unexpected of these mashups were the ones that fused completely different-sounding genres, but few really had a quality which made them stand out for their creativity.

    Then came Death Cab For Yeezy. In many ways, Kanye's vocals combined with the instrumentals and occasional mellow choruses from Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism have created a beautiful monster. Against all odds, it is in fact possible for these two artists to collide in order to create tracks which somehow flow seamlessly. Even Kanye's singing, though somewhat dissonant, manages to harmonize perfectly on tracks like "Good Life//Transatlanticism."

    While some tracks even seem to mash well thematically, it's hard not to laugh at the clash on certain songs, like Kanye's "New Workout Plan" dubbed over the somber and melancholic "Title and Registration." Though it seems that people have a tendency to neglect attention towards mashup albums as something that for the most part can be silly and run-of-the-mill, Death Cab for Yeezy shows that with enough creativity, unexpected artist choices, and imaginative capacity, it is more than possible to make a splash in the world of mashup albums.

    Using DCFC songs which exclusively appear on Transatlanticism, it truly is a feat of imaginative skill that one anonymous person was able to create a mashup album which actually works remarkably well on both a musical and thematic level. The experience only begs one question: How much longer until Kanye and Death Cab hit the studio?

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