Justin Timberlake Is Taking Over The World
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    After the 2013 Grammys welcomed back a fired up Justin Timberlake, it didn't really feel like he was gone for long. In fact, it didn't feel like he was gone at all. Returning to the familiar stage with some seriously suave style in a suit and tie (of course), JT and the Tennessee Boys were that tight they didn't even need to be filmed in color. And to top off the performance with none other than Hova himself, Justin's not back to necessarily prove anything.

    His net worth is apparently $100 million, which is just $10 mil behind the Beibs. The singing, dancing, acting, networking, powerhouse of a genius was also just assigned as the new creative director for Bud Light Platinum. The commercial, which aired during the Grammys, flaunts his newly engineered jazz pop sound with the enticing royal blue bottles. Cheers, JT, you have yet again proven that not only does a degree at Disney U boast some credibility (err, right?), but it can also be utilized to evolve you into a money making champion.

    Besides scoring that gig, the six-time Grammy winner and four-time Emmy winner is looking forward releasing his album, The 20/20 Experience, touring with current sidekick Jay-Z, and did we mention he's also the music supervisor for wife Jessica Biel's film The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? COME ON! Are there even enough hours in a day/days in a week/weeks in a year to even accept such tasks?

    As far as his musical career goes, JT has failed to release an album without an outpour of success. It's almost questionable if you really dig into it. All three of NSYNC's albums went multi-platnium, not to mention they drove a generation of teeny girls absolutely fucking bananas. And when the boy band thing got old, Justin's debut album Justified won two Grammys. You totally remember "Senorita," and you know you liked it. Don't lie. His other solo album, Futuresex/Lovesounds didn't fail to reap in massive popularity as well. So for the next album, his past is pretty solid indication of where this one's heading.

    The "Suit and Tie" single has also launched an industry of his own: don't fret, you can purchase a t-shirt off his website. Just spanning the list of his achievements gets our heads spinning. At least he doesn't have his own liquor. Oh wait, there's 901 Tequila. He hasn't gotten into fashion yet, right? Hmm he launched the William Rast clothing line. Nevermind. We're telling you that he's also a MySpace resurrector, and co-owner of two restaurants. At this point, we're putting money on seeing Justin Timberlake in the 2017 Presidential Election. Or perhaps he'll take over Apple. Maybe one day he'll just malfunction and we'll all find out he's a robot. At this point, nothing would surprise us...

    ...Yesterday Mr. Timberlake released another single from the upcoming The 20/20 Experience. Shocking right? It's pretty layered, and sounds a lot like his previous music with Timbaland. With technicality in his favor, Justin's vocals and beat boxing ability flourish on this lovers' tune - just in (no pun intended) time for Valentine's Day. JT's flaws are simply nonexistent in this orchestra-boasting ballad, so nonexistent that he can get away with chanting "You are the love of my life" over and over again without sounding annoying.

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