Behind The Streams:  Waking On A Not So Pretty Day
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Yesterday, I listened to a nine minute song five times in a row. I listened to a nine minute song five times in a row because I needed to listen to it five times in a row. I leapt - a perfect, precise pike (at least in my mind's eye) - into the warm redeeming waters of Kurt Vile's succulent ooze of guitar called "Waking On a Pretty Day", because yesterday was not a pretty day.

    It was grey, it was rainy, it was a day marked by stress and anxiety. It was Monday and my better self did not get out of bed yesterday morning. Another version did. An alternative version went to work to help our small but mighty music company of six devoted full-time employees and the amazing interns we are forever in debted to, kick off the week at Baeble.

    The big sites, well they did the same. And it was grey, and it was rainy, and it was probably tough for them too, but they are the big guys. They got their exclusives, they got their windfall of unique visitors, they got their Monday morning Fast Company rankings. And obviously, they faced a whole other set of challenges. It's never easy wherever you are...I know that. But, we're figuring it out. Learning something new every day...about how to engage the incredibly devoted audience that we do have (thank you, from the bottom of our music loving hearts) and do right by the mind boggling artists - Kishi Bashi, Bat For Lashes, Over Lives, Passenger, JJAMZ, and more - that have given us their time, their creative energy, and their surreal talents to our cause. That is our duty. Those are the two groups we focus on. And we're always looking for more. More people to tell about the musicians that inspire us, more people to laugh at our crass observations of the ones who don't, more people to join in our mission to engage and feel a part of something unique, compelling, and above all else, more people to entertain for a few moments a day.

    Our artists and our audience - they're what inspire us every day, they're what keep us going...even when our day isn't as devastatingly beautiful as Kurt Vile's new track. So yeah, listening to a nine minute song five times in a row? It's an obsessive way to spend 45 minutes, I know. But it makes how to feel about a tough day so damn obvious. Everyday we're here, getting behind the artists we love and entertaining the audience we love even more...well, every day is a little prettier. So thanks Kurt.

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