Now Playing: GE Smith's Floating Bridge - Featuring RHCP's Chad Smith
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    GE Smith is a living rock n' roll legend. He's had a Fender Telecaster sewn into his palm since he was 11 (and can even brag about having his own signature Tele). He's played with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of his decade long career as the musical director at Saturday Night Live. He can talk your ear off about the rich history of folk, the blues, rock and roll...really all music in general. Which is why, every now and then, when we have the opportunity, we jump at capturing G.E. doing exactly what he loves to do alongside some of his pals, who also happen to be some of the most interesting musicians on the planet.

    A few years back we paired G.E. up with The Hold Steady's Craig Finn for a one-of-a-kind jam session and conversation on The Bowery. It was an eye-opening encounter between a pair of rare musicians who are grounded, grateful, genuine, and most importantly, down to play a few songs together. It took a little while (G.E. has been a little busying touring the world with The Wall), but we've got a follow-up episode of G.E. Smith's Floating Bridge for you, this time featuring Chad Smith, the rambunctious, rhythmic force who powers iconic, rock titans Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Montauk Long Island - "The End" - is not where you'd expect to find modern rock royalty in January, but Chad has made a cozy home of the place...and he
    was kind enough to invite G.E. by to ring in The New Year. What follows is pretty special - an intimate conversation and a unique, classic-rock leaning jam sesh between two absolute legends in their trade. Check out our latest episode of G.E. Smiths Floating Bridge.

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