Single Serving: Matt And Kim Sing 'Hey Now'
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Indie pop darlings Matt and Kim are back and still dancing away the haters. With the release of their new album New Glow expected later this Spring, the band released a follow up single to "Get it", called "Hey Now."

    Much like "Get It", the new single "Hey Now" has a positive vibe that screams good times. While some hardcore fans may be bummed about the production, it's apparent Matt and Kim have been hard at work to advance their sound. With big room jazz styled brass horns bringing a strong dance vibe to this pop jam, Matt and Kim's vocals seem to have been injected with steroids. Themes of love fill the song with lines like, "Sometimes you just make me lose my mind / But if you died, I'd die right by your side." With repetitive drums and a steady background vocal, the band isn't changing the formula too much.

    Take the new single for a spin below. New Glow will drop in April on Harvest.

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