Prelow's Mid Week Mix Tape
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    We've been crushin' hard on New Jersey based duo Prelow, who just celebrated the release of their EP, Why Does Everything Happen So Much.

    We love their music so much we asked the guys to put together a custom playlist for Baeble to get a peek into their taste, influences, and throwback tracks they never forgot about.

    Take their favorite tunes for a spin below!

    Matt Walsh

    Young Jeezy - "Hypnotize"
    I have vivid memories of driving around New Jersey to this song while in High School.

    Dr. Dre - "The Next Episode"
    This song exposed me to hip-hop production. I was with my dad in a Times Square CD store when I was really young, and I convinced him to buy me The Source HIts Volume 4 and this was my favorite track off the compilation.

    Bob Dylan - "Man In Me"
    So far in my life I have probably played this song more than any other.

    Prelow - "Mistakes Like This"
    First song we ever made together as Prelow.

    Cam'ron - "Killa Cam"
    This was the "play-right-before-we-go-out" song while we were in college.

    Jesse Aicher

    Weezer - "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here"
    This was such an important record for me. It was easy to play on guitar, and it felt like a classier outlet than Fall Out Boy for my young angst.

    Air - "La Femme Dargent"
    When I first started smoking weed, this was all I listened to. I'd go to track practice, come home, throw this record on, run a bath and smoke.

    Broken Social Scene - "Hotel"
    See the above.

    Modest Mouse - "3rd Planet"
    I love how unhinged Isaac Brock is, also contains one of my favorite moments of apathetic pessimism: "The universe is shaped exactly like the earth / if you go straight along enough youll end up where you were."

    Leonard Cohen - "Chelsea Hotel #2"
    "I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel / thats all, I dont think of you that often."

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