Unheard Postal Service Song Might Leave You Disappointed
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    The Postal Service is releasing a deluxe edition of their album Give Up in honor of its 10th anniversary, which is sort of exciting but also disorienting for old fans who have since moved on. The previously unreleased track from the album sessions called "Tattered Line of String" doesn't help. While it's fun to get a peek back in time to Gibbard's very early writing style, we also understand why it wasn't included on the record in the first place.

    If it was just the annoying jazzy vocal slide, we'd be okay with this. If it were just the addition of way too much airy "vibrato" at the end of like, every line, maybe we could look past it. And if it were just the questionable lyrical style that I can only describe as "smug," we could still enjoy this track. But all of them, plus a reference to the Lower East Side? Eh.

    What made Give Up great in the first place was Ben Gibbard's painfully insecure songwriting that turned the techno genre on its head by making it about vulnerability. I'm sorry, but no one wants to hear him sing about drinking too much and having a one night stand. The chorus of "I've got a tattered line of string/And I tie it 'round everything/That I want to call my own/But it never seems to hold" combined with breezy backup vocals and vivid synth plinks sounds like the Postal Service we could really go for right about now, but Gibbard's self-satisfaction? Not so much.

    Give Up (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition) is out April 9th via Subpop.

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