Out and About: Passion Pit and Matt and Kim at MSG
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Ilana Kaplan

    With Nemo's wrath swirling outside the walls of Madison Square Garden, Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, and Icona Pop had a night to live up to.

    The night began with Icona Pop, showing that they knew how to have a good time, and are still working on putting together a great live set. Charli XCX, who appears on "I Love It," was absent from the show; however, the duo made sure that the crowd sang along and enjoyed the track just as much.

    Matt & Kim put on their happy, riotous faces as they riled up the crowd with classics like "Daylight" and "Lessons Learned." Matt Johnson introduced Kim Schifino as his "partner in music and sex," which was one of the many sexual comments he made about Schifino throughout the night (her thong, chest and ass were also on the table for conversation). Schifino, with a broken ankle, walked on top of the crowd like a trooper. It was nice to see that Brooklynites Matt and Kim still had their spunk, even in the cold.

    Following Matt and Kim's set, Passion Pit graced the stage opening with "I'll Be Alright," getting everyone in the crowd dancing. They played a balance of tracks between Manners and Gossamer. They did pretty damn well (and even started on time!) showing their graciousness along the way.

    The show was as energetic as it was emotional: lead singer Michael Angelakos addressed the crowd on a very personal level saying, Seven months ago they told me I could never tour again. And now we're here on stage at Madison Square Garden... And I'm going to keep doing it. I don't know what to say." Even the coldest of hearts had to be touched by what Angelakos said while dedicating his ability to perform to his fans.

    As Angelakos has been candid about his mental health struggles in the past, his words to his fans did not go unnoticed. Following his short speech, he played "Take A Walk": a song that shows how a simple walk can cure almost anything. There was definitely a sonic issue during Passion Pit's set, as Angelakos' voice faded in quite often, but nonetheless, confetti soared and the audience swayed. The band played classics like "To Kingdom Come," "Little Secrets," "Moth's Wings," and ended with a killer encore of "Sleepyhead."

    Overall, it was like Nemo didn't exist outdoors. There was more than enough music to make the crowd dance the storm away.

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