Grammy Hangover: What We Learned Last Night
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    So last night, we experienced the 55th Grammy Awards where we, as a staff, obeyed LL Cool J's incessant demands to tweet. And to no one's surprise, our comments were in abundance as were the ridiculously awesome and cringe-worthy moments. So now that we're not on the clock, nor limited to 140-characters, we're going to expand a bit on last night's events.

    The performances were copious, yet not all momentous. Here are the high and lows:

    - Taylor Swift opened the show with a humorous slap at One Direction ex-boyfriend as well as her signature "Weeeee's." This led me to ponder... Imagine if a male artist took the stage and boasted about all of his former flings? Everyone would think he's an ass! Right?

    - Elton John and Ed Sheeran, or as LL prefers, "Ed Sharon," were pretty rough.

    - fun. sounded brutal and it rained on stage.

    - Johnny Depp introduced the "sublime" Mumford & Sons and dressed like he looted a fabric store. The Mumford boys played "I Will Wait."

    Watch Mumford & Sons Live in Brooklyn

    - Although quick, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa sounded alright for "Adorn."

    - Jack White is fucking awesome. Dressed as the pale, fourth Amigo, he shared a mic for a heated "Love Interruption" with his band of emotionless fems, before erupting into "Freedom at 21."

    Jack White - Love Interruption & Freedom At 21... by IdolxMuzic

    - The Black Keys perfomed "Lonely Boy" with a flamboyantly feathered Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

    - Frank Ocean chose to perform "Forrest Gump" with amazing visuals, and not-so-amazing vocals.

    Frank Ocean Grammys 2013 performance by dm_51181cced0274

    - The Levon Helm tribute medley blew the roof off with Mumford & Sons and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes stealing the stage. We'd totally buy this collaborative cover album.

    Zac brown Band Elton John Mumford Sons Mavis... by dm_51181cced0274

    The show clearly improved as the names of country artists wained and the night progressed. As for the awards, there were few surprises, and that's not saying that the favorites won, but most categories were evenly matched. Only one winner could be identified as questionable, and that was Fun.'s receiving of Best New Artist. As we pointed out last night, Fun. is far from "new," as they formed back in 2008 (that's five years ago for those of you without a calculator), and Some Nights is their second album following 2009's Aim and Ignite. We were really pulling for Brittany and her Alabama Shakes to walk away with this one.

    As for the biggies of the night, there were no huge surprises. Gotye grabbed Record of the Year with Somebody that I Used To Know, which figures since he's hip and obscure, but still massively popular. Album of the Year went to Mumford & Sons for Babel, giving America a brief moment where white parents could finally connect with their angsty teens in agreement. Imagine if Frank Ocean actually won, but they called a Code Red after his flat and uninspiring performance right before the winner was announced? It's probably not the case, but that certainly would have inspired an uproar.

    We wouldn't compare Mumford's win to the surprise of Arcade Fire's back in 2011. This year, nu-folk was the "safe" choice. It would seem, however, that this "genre" we call indie has reached a level of prominence that could last into the future. And with such an enormous list of highly anticipated albums slated to release (if they have not already) in 2013, we're sincerely looking forward to the 56th Grammy Awards ceremony.

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